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Coupons & Discounts
Do you offer coupons or discount codes?

Yes! We partner with homeschool groups, co-ops, private schools, and more to provide even further discounted pricing. Have your group leadership reach out at [email protected] for your group discount!

Where do I enter my discount/coupon code?

Enter your discount code on the Stripe payment page after clicking “Proceed to Checkout” there will be a place to enter a coupon code before submitting payment.

California Achievement Test (CAT) Codes

About the CAT
What is the CAT?

The CAT stands for the California Achievement Test. The CAT, offered through education resource company Academic Excellence, is one of the most widely used of the student assessment for basic academic skills, and meets most state and umbrella school requirements for annual testing.

Why would I want to use the CAT?

The CAT provides educators, students and their parents with a measure of achievement and national comparison in reading, language, spelling, and mathematics. The CAT also meets most state and umbrella school requirements for annual testing.

How do I access the CAT?

After you place your order your test will be configured and you will recieve an email with a username and password for accessing the academic excellence testing portal. Please be sure to look for emails from [email protected]

Test Results
Does LearnGrove see my students results?

No, LearnGrove does not recieve a record of your students results, you will get an email with your results as well as have access to them when you login to the academic excellence portal.

How do I get my results?

You will recieve an email with your results at the address provided when ordering your tests. You can also access your results on the Academic Excellence portal. You will recieve an username and password to access the portal when your test is configured.

Do you offer coupons or discount codes?

Yes! We partner with homeschool groups, co-ops, private schools, and more to provide even further discounted pricing. Have your group leadership reach out at [email protected] for your group discount!

How can Datagrove offer the CAT at a lower price?

Academic Excellence offers the option to purchase group orders of CAT codes at a reduced rate. Datagrove purchased a block of CAT codes at the lower rate so that we can pass along the savings to families while also supporting our work to develop educational software products.

Why is Datagrove offering CAT codes at a lower price?

Datagrove is happy to make the up-front investment to purchase a group order of CAT codes so that we can

  • Pass along savings to families,
  • Support the development of new education software, and
  • Utilize the opportunity to share about our work.
Purchasing from LearnGrove/Datagrove
Do my CAT Codes Expire?

No, CAT codes do not expire.

Can I request a refund?

Datagrove does not offer refunds for CAT codes, but the codes do not expire.

Will Datagrove ask me for any personal data about me or my students when I purchase a CAT code?

Datagrove is committed to only requesting the data required by Academic Excellence to purchase CAT codes. Our CAT code order form asks users to share the first name, last name, and email of the adult ordering the test codes, and the grade level of the student(s) for whom they are ordering. That’s it!

Also, we will never sell your information or send you spam emails. We respect your privacy!

How do I pay for a Datagrove CAT code?

Datagrove uses the Stripe payment processing solutions for the purchase of its CAT codes. Stripe is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions for online marketplaces - you’ve likely made an online purchase using Stripe already! Using Stripe allows Datagrove to offer payment processing that is secure and reliable. Like most card processing services, Stripe does charge a fee for its use, but Datagrove has chosen to pay those fees to make it easier for users to know exactly what to expect for their bottom line. Since the payment process is managed entirely by Stripe, Datagrove will never receive your credit card information.


About Datagrove
Who or What is Datagrove?

Datagrove is a small software engineering team with the vision to build software that does good.

Datagrove products are all about making things easier, more efficient, and more secure while taking into consideration our impact on the world around us. Trees inspire us in many ways - tree structures represent an efficient method of data storage and even small groups of trees (groves!) can grow to be mighty forests.

Why is Datagrove interested in Achievement Testing?

Our team is passionate about education and the accessibility of homeschooling in particular. Many of our team were homeschooled or homeschool their children. Since some states require achievement testing we wanted to offer this service to make that a lower burden on homeschooling families. We hope you appreciate this service and perhaps check out some of our other homeschooling software offerings as they are developed!


About LearnGrove
Who or What is LearnGrove?

LearnGrove aims to establish a community marketplace for educational resources, including both free and paid offerings. This innovative platform serves as a comprehensive hub where creators can share - and clients can discover - tailored educational resources. While initially centered on digital educational materials, future expansions may include event listings and ticketing, as well as services like tutoring and expert presentations. By bridging the gap between creators and consumers, we aspire to enhance access to high-quality educational content while fostering a thriving community of learners and educators.

How can I use on LearnGrove?

Check out the LearnGrove section on our website for the most up to date information!


About Pawpaw
What is Pawpaw?

The Pawpaw app simplifies the homeschool compliance process and alleviates burden on both administrators and homeschooling families providing an end to end service that is fast, easy, and efficient letting schools and families focus on what matters most - the best education for every student.

Why Pawpaw?

The pawpaw, scientifically known as Asimina triloba, is a native North American fruit-bearing tree that grows in patches, thriving in specific local environments. Much like homeschooling, which blossoms within the nurturing confines of home and community, the pawpaw finds its optimal growth conditions in specific regions, fostering a sense of belonging and rootedness.

Unlike widely commercialized fruits, such as apples or oranges, the pawpaw fruit resists mass production and distribution due to its perishable nature. Similarly, homeschooling emphasizes personalized, locally relevant education tailored to the individual needs of each child.

I still have questions!

Contact us at [email protected] with your questions!